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Over the years we have followed with the popular trends of content distribution. We have an extensive series of How-to videos on the channel and here we list some of the best playlist projects.



MR&S ShowBy Ron Pare

The Model Railroads and Structures show is a variety show. Where your host Ron Pare seeks out modelers from around the planet, focusing on the international modeler. These modelers are invited on the show and where we share their unique works of art.

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SMS ShowBy Ron Pare

The Scale Model show was created to get out into the community to attract youth to the hobby. The first layout build is the Trains for Kids Layout. It is a 4'2" square basic layout with a Grist Mill and all the scenery around it.

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Model Builds


Essentially Wood SeriesBy Ron Pare

The Shipyard at Foss is a Craftsman kit by Brett Gallant at Sierra West Scale Models. It is a total masterpiece of a kit and with which we will have to see if I can meet this challenge head on.

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Advanced Scenery SeriesBy Ron Pare

In this episode we build Rapido Trains Photo Prop for their APT-1, the British high-speed train. In this full layout build clinic we share how we recreate a photo with real looking scenery.

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Scale Model Review BuildsBy Ron Pare

This is a collection of videos ranging from my first model all the way to models today. Most of these models were sponsored to be built for online consumption and to show how easy it is to model.

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Best of...By Ron Pare

This is a collection of my early videos that hit the mark. Not all did sadly, fret not, we continue...

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Craftsman kit BuildsBy Ron Pare

This is a collection of Craftsman Kit build videos.

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3D Print designBy Ron Pare

This is a collection of 3D design videos for 3d printing.

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Out and About...


North Carolina Road DiariesBy Ron Pare

Join me as I travel down south to experience mud puppies, gratuitous gun use, guitars and a plethora of Ebay purchased model kits. North Carolina Road Diaries is an adventure custom model building and custom layout builders.

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Meet the ModelerBy Ron Pare

In this show series Ron interview's modelers from around the world. Sometimes even manufacturers and celebs.

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