Models for Sale

This is a collection of models I will sell. If a model sells I buy a new one and build it. If it stays it'll become a part of my future layout.


Marksberry CoveBest Offer

Named after Jim Marksberry, aka Sheriff Jim amoung other names, was an ornary old coot that supported everyone I ever new in this hobby. One day I noticed a message stating his death and I just felt compelled to name the diorama after him. On my earliest videos you can see his comments supporting me on. HO Scale Marine harbour scene. Sierra west foss landing kit, Bartolis Billards kit, FSM Car shed, Builders in Scale Light House, Gas Station are all intermingled on the module.

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Streeters and ClearbrooksBest Offer

This diorama was a pleasure to build. The instructions and kit design is the best I have ever tried. I can only wish to be able to afford to build another one.

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